AST VEGA is your one-stop shop, offering everything you need for any medium and process environment in practically any industry.

VEGA sensors and signal conditioning instruments are at work in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in process engineering and environmental technology, in the paper and ceramic industries, in mining and other raw material industries, in power generation and in transport, as well as in food processing and water/waster water treatment.

This broad spectrum is rounded off by marine applications – for example on tankers, cargo and passenger ships, and even on offshore platforms.

Level, pressure, switching – anywhere

VEGA measurement technology covers an extremely wide range of applications: silos and storage tanks of all sizes, reaction vessels and distillation columns. It measures all kinds of products, from gases to coarse solids, no matter whether highly corrosive or abrasive, and no matter under what conditions, from vacuum to high pressure and in almost all temperature ranges.

Level measurement:
- Radar sensors
- Guided microwave
- Ultrasonic sensors
- Capacitive electrodes

- Vibrating level switches
- Capacitive electrodes
- Conductive level detection

- Hydrostatic pressure measurement
- Process pressure measurement
- Differential pressure measurement

In 1997, VEGA introduced the first two-wire radar sensor in the world. Two years later VEGA advanced to international market leader in radar level measurement.

Since 2003 the VEGA product system, plics demonstrates how good design can effectively reduce time and cost expenditures when using modern measuring technologies.

These savings concern the complete lifecycle of the measuring instruments: from selection, ordering, right through to installation, set-up, operation and service.